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Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko!

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School life; Shounen
View: 21,365,050 views
Author: Yanagida Fumita ,

Chapter 953.6 yesterday, 14:29
Chapter 953.5 yesterday, 14:29

Tales of Demons and Gods

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 17,979,577 views
Author: Mad snail

Chapter 302.5 2 days ago
Chapter 302 2 days ago

The Scholar's Reincarnation

Genre: Action; Martial arts; Shounen; Webtoons; Manhwa
View: 7,730,694 views
Author: Soo Yu Hyun Yum Jack Jack ,

Chapter 149 yesterday, 22:08
Chapter 148 yesterday, 22:08

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Genre: Action; Adult; Adventure; Cooking; Fantasy; Harem; Romance; Shounen
View: 5,856,462 views
Author: Aneko Yusagi ,

Chapter 71 yesterday, 22:57
Chapter 70 yesterday, 22:57

The Duchess with an Empty Soul

Genre: Shoujo; Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Webtoon
View: 5,191,000 views
Author: Han jin-seo

Chapter 54 2 days ago
Chapter 53 2 days ago


Genre: Seinen; Adult; Ecchi; Mature; Action; Comedy; Harem; Romance; Supernatural
View: 5,027,000 views
Author: Hamada yoshikazu

Chapter 133.1 2 days ago
Chapter 133 2 days ago

The Portal of Wonderland Others

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Martial arts; Romance
View: 5,004,000 views
Author: Wang yu

Chapter 127 2 days ago
Chapter 126 2 days ago

The Boy In The All-Girls School

Genre: Comedy; Ecchi; Harem; Romance; School life; Shounen; Slice of life; Manhua
View: 4,909,326 views
Author: Unknown ,

Chapter 289 yesterday, 17:14
Chapter 288 yesterday, 17:14

Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

Genre: Shounen; Comedy; Romance; School life
View: 4,887,000 views
Author: Yanagida fumita

Chapter 954 2 days ago
Chapter 953.5 2 days ago

The Justice of Villainous Woman Others

Genre: Shoujo; Drama; Historical; Romance; Supernatural
View: 4,556,000 views
Author: Sola

Chapter 120 24 hours ago
Chapter 119 24 hours ago

Tang Yin Zai Yi Jie

Genre: Seinen; Action; Fantasy; Romance; Supernatural
View: 4,362,939 views
Author: Liudao

Chapter 27 2 days ago
Chapter 26 2 days ago

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’S Mansion

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Mystery; Romance; Shoujo; Manhwa; Isekai
View: 4,015,435 views
Author: Golae Milcha ,

Chapter 135 yesterday, 22:36
Chapter 134 yesterday, 22:36

The Breaker: New Waves

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Action; Comedy; Drama; Martial arts; Psychological; Romance; Tragedy
View: 3,907,000 views
Author: Jeon geuk-jin

Chapter 201.5 2 days ago
Chapter 201 2 days ago

The King and His Knight

Genre: Josei; Shoujo; Action; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Webtoon
View: 3,666,000 views
Author: Glasses monkey

Chapter 88 2 days ago
Chapter 87 2 days ago

The Abandoned Empress Others

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Tragedy
View: 3,631,000 views
Author: Ina ; Yuna

Chapter 130 2 days ago
Chapter 129 2 days ago

The New Gate

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Romance
View: 3,613,000 views
Author: Kazanami shinogi

Chapter 64 2 days ago
Chapter 63 2 days ago

They Say I Was Born A King's Daughter

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Josei; Romance; Shoujo; Webtoons
View: 3,597,526 views
Author: Bi Chu Legna Kim ,

Chapter 210 yesterday, 22:44
Chapter 209 yesterday, 22:44

Tokyo Revengers

Genre: Shounen; Action; Drama; Romance; School life
View: 3,481,000 views
Author: Wakui ken

Chapter 184 3 hours ago
Chapter 183 2 days ago

The Unwanted Roommate

Genre: Mature; Smut; Drama; Manhwa; Romance; Webtoon
View: 3,398,000 views
Author: Funch studio ; Jq

Chapter 19 2 days ago
Chapter 18 2 days ago

The Ghostly Doctor Others

Genre: Action; Adventure; Drama; Martial arts
View: 3,369,000 views
Author: Yuan man dongman

Chapter 292 2 days ago
Chapter 291 2 days ago

The Mythical Realm

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Fantasy
View: 3,298,294 views
Author: Wu zui

Chapter 206.2 2 days ago
Chapter 206.1 2 days ago

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy
View: 3,123,246 views
Author: Fuse

Chapter 76 2 days ago
Chapter 75 2 days ago

Tomb Raider King

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Webtoon
View: 3,091,000 views
Author: Yoonz

Chapter 162 2 days ago
Chapter 161 2 days ago

This Doesn't Feel Like Me

Genre: Adult; Drama; Harem; Romance; Manhwa
View: 3,079,955 views
Author: Andromeda 11 ,

Chapter 51 yesterday, 18:14
Chapter 50 yesterday, 18:14

The Evil Girl is The Emperor

Genre: Smut; Fantasy; Full color; Long strip; Official colored; Reincarnation; Reverse harem; Romance;...
View: 3,036,000 views
Author: 知音漫客

Chapter 35 2 days ago
Chapter 34 2 days ago

The God of High School

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Martial arts; Supernatural; Webtoon
View: 2,974,568 views
Author: Park yong-je

Chapter 490 2 days ago
Chapter 489 2 days ago

Takasugi-san no Chibiyan Hero

Genre: 4 koma; Comedy; Delinquents; Drama; Romance; School life; Slice of life
View: 2,971,000 views
Author: Tomisa

Chapter 210 2 days ago
Chapter 209.5 2 days ago

The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Comedy; Romance; Slice of life
View: 2,966,000 views
Author: Hideki

Chapter 161 2 days ago
Chapter 159 2 days ago

The Abandoned Empress

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Shoujo; Tragedy; Manhwa
View: 2,965,817 views
Author: Ina Yuna ,

Chapter 130 yesterday, 15:19
Chapter 129 yesterday, 15:19

The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!

Genre: Fantasy; Full color; Historical; Isekai; Long strip; Magic; Reincarnation; Romance; Web comic;...
View: 2,927,000 views
Author: Yi ge da cheng zi

Chapter 11 2 days ago
Chapter 10 2 days ago

The Scholar's Reincarnation

Genre: Shounen; Action; Martial arts; Webtoon
View: 2,832,418 views
Author: Soo yu hyun

Chapter 144 2 days ago
Chapter 143 2 days ago

The Youngest Princess

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Webtoon
View: 2,827,000 views
Author: Saha

Chapter 21 2 days ago
Chapter 20 2 days ago

The Master Of Martial Arts Retired Life

Genre: Action; Adult; Adventure; Comedy; Martial arts; Shounen; Webtoons
View: 2,746,038 views
Author: Wei Zao Guan Lee Tai Bai ,

Chapter 114 yesterday, 16:19
Chapter 113 yesterday, 16:19

The Child of Light Others

Genre: Adventure; Fantasy; Martial arts; Webtoon
View: 2,711,000 views
Author: Tang jia san shao

Chapter 32.2 2 days ago
Chapter 32.1 2 days ago

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Genre: Seinen; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 2,613,000 views
Author: Aneko yusagi

Chapter 71 2 days ago
Chapter 70.5 2 days ago

The Unsuccessful Yet Academically Unparalleled Sage ~A Cheating S-Rank Sorcerer's Post-Rebirth Adventurer Log~

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy
View: 2,549,038 views
Author: Kentarou Arata Shiraishi Uodenim ,

Chapter 7 yesterday, 14:03
Chapter 6.6 yesterday, 14:03

The Emperor's Companion

Genre: Shoujo; Fantasy; Romance; Webtoon
View: 2,537,000 views
Author: Lee surim

Chapter 55 2 days ago
Chapter 54 2 days ago

The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess

Genre: Shoujo; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Tragedy; Webtoon
View: 2,534,000 views
Author: Minjack

Chapter 75.5 24 hours ago
Chapter 75 24 hours ago

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Genre: Seinen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Martial arts; Romance; Sci fi; Slice...
View: 2,474,950 views
Author: Lee do-gyeong ; Nam heesung

Chapter 169 2 days ago
Chapter 168 2 days ago

The Woman Next Door

Genre: Mature; Smut; Drama; Manhwa; Webtoon
View: 2,385,000 views
Author: Jongpyo yoo

Chapter 29 2 days ago
Chapter 28 2 days ago

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Full color; Isekai; Long strip; Mystery; Reincarnation; Romance; Web...
View: 2,372,000 views
Author: Milcha

Chapter 135 2 days ago
Chapter 134 2 days ago

The Eminence In Shadow

Genre: Action; Comedy; Ecchi; Fantasy; Harem; Martial arts; School life; Seinen
View: 2,324,261 views
Author: Anri Sakano Daisuke Aizawa ,

Chapter 22 yesterday, 14:27
Chapter 21 yesterday, 14:27