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Solo Leveling

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Webtoon
View: 11,179,000 views
Author: Jang sung-lak

Chapter 128 5 hours ago
Chapter 127 2 days ago

Sweet Guy

Genre: Adult; Ecchi; Mature; Smut; Comedy; Harem; Romance; Supernatural; Webtoon
View: 9,606,000 views
Author: Lee won-sik

Chapter 75 2 days ago
Chapter 74 2 days ago

Star Martial God Technique

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Martial arts; Romance; School life; Supernatural
View: 8,624,367 views
Author: Mad snail

Chapter 399 2 days ago
Chapter 398 2 days ago

Silver Gravekeeper

Genre: Shounen; Action; Comedy; Fantasy; Supernatural
View: 6,699,000 views
Author: Zero league

Chapter 328 2 days ago
Chapter 327 2 days ago

Suddenly Became A Princess One Day

Genre: Shoujo; Comedy; Fantasy; Romance; Slice of life; Webtoon
View: 6,517,000 views
Author: Plutus

Chapter 81 2 days ago
Chapter 80 2 days ago

Solo Bug Player

Genre: Action; Adaptation; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Full color; Game; Isekai; Long strip; Reincarnation;...
View: 5,835,000 views
Author: Cheongcho

Chapter 40 24 hours ago
Chapter 39 24 hours ago

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’T Protect The Dungeon

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Supernatural; Tragedy; Webtoons
View: 5,413,018 views
Author: Ant Studio Sosori ,

Chapter 109 yesterday, 20:45
Chapter 108 yesterday, 20:45

Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Genre: Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Shounen; Supernatural; Manhua
View: 5,314,498 views
Author: Tang Jia San Shao ,

Chapter 218 yesterday, 21:08
Chapter 217 yesterday, 21:08

Shingeki no Kyojin

Genre: Shounen; Mature; Action; Drama; Fantasy; Horror; Mystery; Psychological; Tragedy
View: 5,293,000 views
Author: Isayama hajime

Chapter 134 2 days ago
Chapter 133 2 days ago

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Martial arts
View: 4,474,930 views
Author: Iciyuan

Chapter 352 10 hours ago
Chapter 351 2 days ago

Strongest Worker

Genre: Action; Romance; Webtoons
View: 4,328,639 views
Author: Xinyi Kaichen ,

Chapter 238 yesterday, 17:47
Chapter 237 yesterday, 17:47

Supreme Demon

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Martial arts
View: 4,128,994 views
Author: Leyou Yinghua ,

Chapter 184 yesterday, 14:50
Chapter 183 yesterday, 14:50

Study Group

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Full color; Long strip; Martial arts; Official colored; School...
View: 4,128,000 views
Author: Hyungwook shin

Chapter 84 24 hours ago
Chapter 83 2 days ago

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Genre: Yaoi; Comedy; Romance; School life; Slice of life
View: 4,038,000 views
Author: Nakamura shungiku

Chapter 43 2 days ago
Chapter 28 2 days ago

Spy X Family

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Romance
View: 3,963,000 views
Author: Endou tatsuya (遠藤達哉)

Chapter 36 2 days ago
Chapter 35 2 days ago

Solo Login

Genre: Action; Adaptation; Adventure; Fantasy; Full color; Long strip; Magic; Official colored; Supernatural;...
View: 3,847,000 views
Author: 인타임

Chapter 41 2 days ago
Chapter 40 2 days ago

Supreme Demon Others

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Martial arts
View: 3,204,000 views
Author: Leyou yinghua

Chapter 184 2 days ago
Chapter 183 2 days ago

Shuumatsu no Walkure Others

Genre: Seinen; Action; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Supernatural
View: 2,833,000 views
Author: Fukui takumi ; Umemura shinya

Chapter 38 2 days ago
Chapter 37.5 2 days ago

Soul Land

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Martial arts; Romance; School life; Supernatural
View: 2,737,018 views
Author: Tang jia san shao

Chapter 264.5 24 hours ago
Chapter 264 2 days ago

Strongest Anti M.E.T.A Others

Genre: Adventure; Fantasy; Martial arts
View: 2,701,000 views
Author: 初樱社 图

Chapter 213 5 hours ago
Chapter 212 2 days ago

Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!!

Genre: Yaoi; Smut
View: 2,646,000 views
Author: Yao

Chapter 5.5 2 days ago
Chapter 5 2 days ago

Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri Others

Genre: Shounen; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem
View: 2,642,000 views
Author: Miwabe sakura ; Tsukiyo rui

Chapter 34 2 days ago
Chapter 33 2 days ago

Sign Language

Genre: Shounen ai; Yaoi; Mature; Romance; Slice of life
View: 2,606,000 views
Author: Ker

Chapter 44 2 days ago
Chapter 43 2 days ago

Survive As The Hero's Wife

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Shoujo
View: 2,578,403 views
Author: Nokki (녹끼) ,

Chapter 88 yesterday, 15:51
Chapter 87 yesterday, 15:51

Shokugeki no Soma

Genre: Shounen; Ecchi; Comedy; Drama; School life
View: 2,420,064 views
Author: Tsukuda yuuto

Chapter 315.3 2 days ago
Chapter 315.2 2 days ago

Saikawa Couple and their Love Conditions

Genre: Smut; Office workers; Psychological; Romance; Slice of life
View: 2,343,000 views
Author: Toyama monaka

Chapter 9 10 hours ago
Chapter 8 2 days ago

Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School life; Seinen; Shounen; Slice of life
View: 2,209,567 views
Author: Fukuda Shinichi ,

Chapter 48 yesterday, 19:28
Chapter 47 yesterday, 19:28

Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon

Genre: Seinen; Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Supernatural
View: 2,098,000 views
Author: Sosori

Chapter 109 2 days ago
Chapter 108 2 days ago

Saikyou no Shuzoku ga Ningen datta Ken

Genre: Seinen; Ecchi; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Harem
View: 2,033,000 views
Author: Kankitsu yusura

Chapter 45 2 days ago
Chapter 44 2 days ago

Sincerely: I Became A Duke's Maid

Genre: Fantasy; Romance; Shoujo
View: 2,032,089 views
Author: Jooara/juara (주아라) ,

Chapter 69 yesterday, 14:21
Chapter 68 yesterday, 14:21

Shen Yi Di Nu

Genre: Shoujo; Fantasy; Historical; Romance
View: 1,817,072 views
Author: Ping ping jun ; Yang shi liu

Chapter 327.5 9 hours ago
Chapter 327 9 hours ago

Slam Dunk

Genre: Shounen; Comedy; Drama; School life; Sports
View: 1,786,000 views
Author: Inoue takehiko

Chapter 276.5 2 days ago
Chapter 276 2 days ago


Genre: Ecchi; Mature; Comedy
View: 1,709,000 views
Author: Edge edge

Chapter 84 21 hours ago
Chapter 83 2 days ago

Sweetheart V5: The Boss Is Too Kind!

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Supernatural
View: 1,608,651 views
Author: China Reading Hua Er Bao ,

Chapter 197 yesterday, 22:40
Chapter 196 yesterday, 22:40

Secret Love

Genre: Comedy; Full color; Long strip; Official colored; Romance; School life; Slice of...
View: 1,552,000 views
Author: Ji chianliu

Chapter 36 2 days ago
Chapter 35 2 days ago

Starting from Today I'll Work as a City Lord

Genre: Shounen; Comedy; Fantasy; Webtoon
View: 1,525,000 views
Author: Aoye dabai

Chapter 237 2 days ago
Chapter 236 2 days ago

Seifuku no Vampiress Lord

Genre: Shoujo ai; Shounen; Yuri; Comedy; School life; Slice of life; Supernatural
View: 1,425,000 views
Author: Matsumoto tomoki

Chapter 27.5 2 days ago
Chapter 27.1 2 days ago

Sengoku Komachi Kuroutan

Genre: Shounen; Historical; Slice of life; Supernatural
View: 1,424,000 views
Author: Kyouchikutou

Chapter 34 2 days ago
Chapter 33 2 days ago

Sono Mono. Nochi ni... (NARIIE Shinichirou)

Genre: Shounen; Adult; Ecchi; Mature; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Romance
View: 1,389,000 views
Author: Nahato

Chapter 19 2 days ago
Chapter 18 2 days ago

Sincerely: I Became a Duke's Maid

Genre: Adaptation; Fantasy; Full color; Isekai; Long strip; Romance; Web comic; Webtoon
View: 1,381,000 views
Author: Jooahri

Chapter 69 22 hours ago
Chapter 68 22 hours ago

Secret Neighbors

Genre: Mature; Smut; Drama; Manhwa; Toomics; Webtoon
View: 1,344,000 views
Author: Someday

Chapter 38 2 days ago
Chapter 37 2 days ago

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja

Genre: Shounen; Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Historical; Martial arts; Romance; School...
View: 1,310,342 views
Author: Shinkou shotou

Chapter 39.2 2 days ago
Chapter 39.1 2 days ago